Toxin Lab III
Level Information
Creator Xaro (verified by Mazl)
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 13965242
Song Ego Death
Composer Xtrullor

Toxin Lab III is a Hard Demon created by Xaro and verified by Mazl. It is the third level in the Toxin Lab series. Due to its notorious difficulty, players generally considered the level a medium-hard demon.

Gameplay Edit

This is the threequel of Toxin Lab and is very difficult due to the huge amount of difficult timings, fakes, trolls, and mostly gravity and size changes.

The most detailed part of the level is at 29% when the music drops, the objects seen during the drop of the level will shake, via Move Trigger as there is an animated background that will flash in the colors of yellow, red, orange, and green.

Another detailed part during the drop is when there are "Broken" or "cracked" screen can be found, which seems to be the effect of the so-called 'toxin' in the level. A similar effect is shared with Nine Circles XII.

The level boasts beautiful effects, difficult parts, crucial timings, good music sync, and gameplay.

Lastly, the level ends with a ship sequence, with the creator's name (Xaro) the words "THANKS MAZL" with a heart pulsing decoration can be seen, which indicates in-fact that Mazl have verified the level for Xaro.

Walkthrough Edit

Toxin Lab III by Xaro -Geometry Dash-

Toxin Lab III by Xaro -Geometry Dash-

Credits to Mazl.