Level Information
Creator WOOGI1411, Gelt, Luneth
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 12285628
Song Sonic Blaster
Composer F-777

Transonic is a demon level by WOOGI1411, Gelt, and Luneth. It is mainly known for tricky gameplay, hard segments, memorization, and timings. It is generally considered a Hard Demon or a Very Hard Demon, but rarely an Insane Demon.


The level starts with an auto cube part. Then there is a short slow ship part with moderately tight flying. This is followed by a ball part with tricky timings and a ton of memorization.

Then there is a ship part that starts with a section where you have to avoid sloped obstacles, and later some straight flying. This is followed by a wave part with tight spaces and a gravity portal.

After that, there is a heavily memorization-based fast rainbow cube part with tons of fakes and a few timings. At the end, it gets easier with a flashing laser but less tricky fakes.

Then there is a ship part with a bunch of moderately tight spaces as well as gravity and speed portals to deal with. This is followed by a moderately hard ball part with a few timings but less memory. This leads into a wave part with a few tight spaces and some mini wave mashing near the end.

After all that, there is a moderately long fast cube part dependent on lots of memorization and some timings. There is then a mini ship with a bit of one space fly and a ton of speed portals. Then there is a UFO part with lots of rather difficult timings packed into a short space.

Then there is a really long cube part that slowly gets faster, and is full of lots of timings and memorization. This is followed by a ball part with a few tricky timings and a lot of memorization. This leads into a mini ship part with a bunch of moderately tight straight flying and a few tricky obstacles.

There is then an auto cube part that transitions into a rather long and very tight slower wave part full of spaces made tighter by mini spikes on the ends. It gradually gets faster. Then there is an auto cube part that leads into the end of the level. The text "Thx" appears at first, followed by "WOOGI", "Gelt", and "Luneth".


  • KirbyFan died at 95%.
  • DiscJoker also died at 95%.


Player Highest percentage Obtained on... in how many attempts... Notable fails
WOOGI1411 (verifier) 100% July 31, 2015
HaNavi 100% September 25, 2015
DiscJoker 100% September 29, 2015 95%
Jo2000 100% October 3, 2015 2785
RLOL 100% October 20, 2015 665
Elite 100% November 8, 2015
Landest 100% December 17, 2015 1474
TBGeo123 100% December 24, 2015 3045
KirbyFan 100% December 24, 2015 1727 95%
MidNight 100% December 29, 2015 1082
Koreaqwer 100% January 24, 2016 94%, 95%
Garukim 100% January 29, 2016 2298
Dalhi 100% May 31st, 2016 93%
Snowr33de 100% June 9, 2016 870
NoisyBoy38 100% June 26, 2016 2104 84%, 91%, 92% 4 times, 93%
SuperSNSD 100% August 7, 2016 3641
Mem 100% September 4, 2016
Happy 100% September 15, 2016


  • The ID is from 2.0, even though this is a 1.9 level.


Collab with Gelt, Luneth01:37

Collab with Gelt, Luneth

Gameplay by WOOGI1411.

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