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Level Information
Creator CubicYT
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 5Star
Level ID 16857577
Song Fort Flsk
Composer Holyyeah

Trojan is a level by CubicYT which is for Codex and Opticals contests.

Gameplay Edit

You start off in Codex's part, which is the first 5%. It's a short Cube part which leads into a ship part with a small wave part and a couple of size portals leading into the logo-intro sort of thing. Afterwards is a crazy robot part with some speed. Then comes a spam-ish dual ball leading into a slow UFO part. The UFO goes into a 3x speed wave, then it goes back to the slow UFO, then a final dual mini wave section. Then comes the boss which as the name suggests, is some sort of Trojan looking face. It starts with a small intro to the boss followed by a 3x speed wave boss fight with lasers and stuff. It ends off with the logo and the boss falling to the ground. First coin is under a monster in the first ship / wave part, the second coin is in a pyramid right before the transition to the dual ball, the third coin is in the boss fight section in a cross of chains.

Trivia Edit

  • So far this level is more popular than Moonlight Sonata, his last level.
  • The last bullet point was recently broken when Moonlight Sonata exploded and got to 464 downloads and 118 likes. Trojan is at 194 downloads and 53 likes.
  • This one was shaped by the contests more than Moonlight Sonata as well.
  • It got 4 positive comments, within 4 hours after being uploaded. Serponge didn't comment like on Moonlight Sonata yet, but that is still good for the creator.
  • This got 7th in Optical's CC, we are waiting for the Codex CC results.
  • Codex and Optical have both commented.