Country USA
Age Unknown
Levels 74(All starred)
Other Info
Crew Unknown
Position 25947
YouTube Channel [1]
TrueChaos is a well known North American level creator in Geometry Dash. He is most notable for creating levels such as For Science, the Ghostbusters Series and the New Block City series. Although he has not had much experienced much with effects, he is critically acclaimed for his quality game-play and sync. He sports an "Ultimate ToE2" icon with red and black colors and is currently 38th on the Creators Leaderboard.

He started building in Geometry Dash during Update 1.5 and has also been known to be extremely active with the community. In addition, he has been a part of the Geometry Dash Forum's mega-collaboration named Mantis Massacre and is rumored to be working with Cyrillic in Silent World Rebirth.



  • Halloween Auto
  • New Block City
  • New Block City II
  • New Block City III
  • New Block City IV
  • New Block City V


  • For Science


  • Ghostbusters


  • Memories


  • Jurassic Park
  • Emerald Palace


  • Calm Before A Storm


  • Revenge
  • Warhead



  • Out of all the levels in the New Block City Series, the only one not featured was the original.
  • RobTop commented on New Block City III and it has hundreds of likes.
  • He has 3 levels related to the game, Undertale.
  • None of his levels were rated 8 Stars.
  • TrueChaos made a game called Square Story, which is heavily inspired by Geometry Dash and Super Meat Boy. In addition, the name is based off Cube Story.
  • Emerald Palace, his entry for Viprin's Gauntlet Contest 1 as his final level before he quit. When he quit, he said he was off to college and that it was an honour playing and creating in GD.