TrueChaos is a well known creator from the USA. He is most notable for creating levels such as For Science, the Ghostbusters Series and the New Block City series. Although he has not had much experienced much with effects, he is critically acclaimed for his quality gameplay and sync. TrueChaos sports an "Ultimate ToE2" icon with red and black colors.

TrueChaos started building in Geometry Dash during Update 1.5 and has also been known to be extremely active with the community. TrueChaos has been part of the Geometry Dash Forum's mega-collaboration named Mantis Massacre and is rumored to be working with Cyrillic in Silent World Rebirth.


  • Out of all the levels in the New Block City Series, the only one not featured was the original.
  • RobTop commented on New Block City III and it has hundreds of likes.
  • TrueChaos has 3 levels related to the game, Undertale.
  • Despite having over 30 featured levels, none of them are an 8 star level.

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