Truth omggg
Level Information
Creator G4lvatron
Difficulty HARDER Harder
Stars 7 Star
Level ID 21052123
Song (Lavender Town Haunting)*
Composer Solkrieg

Truth is a harder rated level created by G4lvatron


The level start off with the creator and level's name. After that, the player will have to make some simple jumps. There are also some new fan-made 2.1 mechanics like the dash orbs. Then the player will turn into a Ship and must fly through some obstacles. Then, the player will turn into a UFO. After passing the UFO segment, the player will turn into a Ship which has a new mechanic: If the player goes into a zone, the player's position changes. After passing the segment, the player will turn into a Ball with some more obstacles. Then, the player turns into a Cube right before the first drop and then changes into a robot with some jumps and a very beautiful DNA-like background. Right after that, the player changes into a ship and must fly through some pillars. Then the player turns back into a cube and wait for the 2nd drop. After the drop, the player turns into a short Ball part. Then the level ends.


  • This level uses more than 50,000 objects, while 20,000 of them are triggers.
  • The whole level is displayed entirely in Dual mode.
    • The reason is that so that the player could use the Dash orb mechanic which the player have to hold if they wants to go further and let go if they want to stop.


Geometry Dash - Truth - by G4lvatron02:00

Geometry Dash - Truth - by G4lvatron

Credit to G4lvatron for the gameplay.

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