Ultimate Circles
20160520 224553
Level Information
Creator Suomi
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 13704546
Song Nine Circles (Xtrullor Remix)
Composer Xtrullor


Ultimate Circles is a demon level by Suomi. It represents the second generation of Nine Circles Levels, overcoming the classical style of 1.9 remakes, including his previous Nine Circles, Space Circles. The level features a rainbow-colored scheme with 2.0 slopes during the wave, and a mix of the styles of five popular remakes in the rest of the level (Fairydust, Jawbreaker, Problematic, The Realistic and the original Nine Circles). This level can be classified as an easy/very easy demon even for its abnormally short wave and high visibility during the wave.


Just like few remakes, the level starts in ship mode, which is hell-themed and very easy, you must avoid some invisible giant saws. When the song sets up, the real level starts, with a second version of the cube of Nine Circles, followed by a second version of the one of The Realistic. The cube involves to a ship and the player must cross an harder version of the Problematic's ship and the Jawbreaker's one. After the Fairydust's ball part, the first leg of the wave starts. It's not very hard because there aren't any fake line and too tight space, even the player must synchronize his timing with the huge amount of gravity portals. When the music slows down, the player goes to a robot mode which resembles the second cube of Nine Circles, then to a fairly easy ball where the most popular remakes' styles before mentioned flash cyclically, finally to a partly auto robot which is similar to the first one. The music drops and the second leg of the wave is introduced and is as easy as the previous one, but is shorter. The level ends with Suomi's signature.


  • You can skip the first dual part with moderate timing.


NINE CIRCLES RAINBOW! Geometry Dash -202:26

NINE CIRCLES RAINBOW! Geometry Dash -2.0- (Demon) - Ultimate Circles by Suomi - GuitarHeroStyles

Gameplay by GuitarHeroStyles. This is the old version of the level.

Ultimate Circles update!! by Suomi (demon) geometry dash 201:34

Ultimate Circles update!! by Suomi (demon) geometry dash 2.0 - Jewelbr

Gameplay by JewelBr GD. This is after the update.

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