Ultra Fairydust
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Level Information
Creator Rulas
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 12073525
Song Fairydust
Composer NIGHTkilla

Ultra Fairydust is a 2.0 Hard Demon created by Rulas. It is the second chapter of the Ultra Nine Circles Levels, the first being Ultra Paracosm. Unlike the name can suggest, this level features a shocking pink color scheme, which resembles Fractured Circles. The original color scheme of Fairydust has been used in the previous level. Although it is quite harder than Ultra Paracosm, it still remains an easy demon (rated hard demon in-game). Its sequel, Ultra Circles, is significantly harder.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with an annoying but simple cube segment, which features an abundance of spikes everywhere as well as jump orbs. Next, a ship-UFO-ship sequence appears and is slightly difficult due to many gravity portals, jump orbs and spikes that require crucial timing. Near the drop, the ship gains speed and goes in an easy straight corridor with many portals. Afterwards, the player enters a triple speed wave segment, without the typical cube transition. The gameplay of the following part is very similar to that of Ultra Paracosm, but is significantly harder, featuring tighter spaces, more sequences, portals and memory segments. More mashing is required in the dual segment, while the robot-cube mixed dual segment require even more crucial timing. When the player manages to pass the third wave segment, he/she enters a very easy ship sequence, and then a final free wave segment with Rulas' signature.

Walkthrough Edit

NINE CIRCLES LILA! Geometry Dash -2

NINE CIRCLES LILA! Geometry Dash -2.0- (Demon) - Ultra Fairydust by Rulas - GuitarHeroStyles

Credits to GuitarHeroStyles. This video shows the full walkthrough of Ultra Fairydust, as well as the locations of the three user coins.