Ultra Halcyon
Screenshot 2016-07-12-15-41-50
Level Information
Creator Athyriel and Rulas
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0Star
Level ID 13612798
Song Forward
Composer NightKilla

Ultra Halcyon is an unrated demon level by Athyriel (Arcturus at that time) and Rulas. It is classified as an Ultra Circles. It is known for pretty difficult wave sections and mashing. It is generally considered a Medium Demon or a Hard Demon.


The level starts with a cube part with some tricky timings and a bunch of memorization. There is a "Low Detail Mode" at the beginning of the level. This is followed by a mini ship with a bunch of moving objects that form a few tight spaces. Then there is a ball part with some orbs to press. Then there is a slow cube part with some orbs to tap. There are 4 tiny robot parts that appear during this section. Then there is a cube part with some simple jumps. The text "Ultra Halcyon" appears during here. Then the music drops into the infamous Nine Circles effect, this one being a yellow-orange ultra circles effect. The wave part starts with a bit of mashing, and then has a few moderately tight spaces. Then there is a slow mashing part. Then there is a quick fast tight part, followed by a dual wave that starts pretty typically, but then becomes a mixed dual of both regular and mini sized wave, which starts with memory and then has some mashing. Then there is an auto wave part followed by some moderately tight waving. Then there is a dual wave part with some mashing. Next, there is a moderately tight wave part. This is followed by a mashing based dual wave segment. Then there is a moderately tight wave part filled with lots of mashing. Then an auto cube part appears, which leads into an easy wave part. Then there is a tricky robot part with a few tight jumps, and then a wave part with some spamming. This is followed by an auto cube part.


  • The first coin is located in the first cube part, and can be reached by not pressing an orb.
  • The second coin is in the cube/robot part and can be reached by pressing a green orb disguised by a yellow orb.
  • The third coin can be reached by pressing an invisible yellow orb in the last cube part.


  • The level lacks a UFO part.
  • The level's coins are only in the cube parts.
  • Unlike other cases, the level doesn't derive by a NC level called "Halcyon". Instead, some classic Nine Circles Levels were made later, taking inspiration by this level.


Geometry Dash 201:53

Geometry Dash 2.0 - "Ultra Halcyon" de IIIRulasIII & CreatorArcturus ¡Disponible ya!

Credit to Rulas for the video.

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