Ultrasonic Dart
20160523 005242
Level Information
Creator Toky GD
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 0Star
Level ID 19240141
Song Sonic Blaster
Composer F-777

Ultrasonic Dart is a 2.0 unrated level created by Toky and currently rated Harder with no stars. It is inspired by Sonic Wave and Sonic Wave Infinity, with the wave parts occurring when the music drops.


The level starts off with a fairly easy cube section with lots of decoration, jump rings and manipulation portals. Next, the player enters a ship sequence with a player-following light and mirror portals to sync with the music. The key for the last coin can then be obtained while in the mini ship sequence, where the player has to go up rather than down. Next is a ball sequence with a only few maneuvers to effectuate, then, as the music drops, the wave part begins with Nine Circles like animations on obstacles and on the background. The creator's name "Toky" appears on the top and this part is followed by a mini wave part which then slows down to slow speed.

The wave becomes dual and the first coin can be obtained, if the player goes up into one of the obstacles, which has 3D lines. Then, the UFO part begins, which is really easy, followed by a short ship part (lasting no more than three seconds), then followed by a mini wave part which features gravity portals that are hard to see, aiming to trick the player. Before entering the cube sequence, stay on the ground to pick up the second coin. Next, there's a cube part similar to Sonic Wave's fourth cube section (after the first wave part), where the player needs to click on various jump rings continuously in order to pass.

During this part, the speed accelerates as the music gets more intense. Then, the wave is reintroduced, with Ultra Circles-like animations, which leads to a brief ship part, and a short robot sequence and a last cube part which shows "GG", the player's name and "Rate 7 stars", where the third coin can be collected by jumping, if the key in the first ship was taken.


  • The level takes 1 minute 24 seconds to complete.
  • The description of the level indicates a hint about the copy password, which is "DART" (411820).


Geometry Dash - Ultrasonic Dart by SonicToky777 (me)

Geometry Dash - Ultrasonic Dart by SonicToky777 (me)