Country Italy
Age 18
Levels 46 (41 starred)
Other Info
Position 8
YouTube Channel [1]

UserMatt18 (formerly UserMatt and LRMT18) is a popular Italian player and level creator in Geometry Dash. He creates levels with animations and sometimes uses a rather colorful and intricate design in his levels. He is the creator of Rivals and Party Dance, both of which are demon levels, along with 600 Years (which was made for one of ViPriN's 1.9 creator contests). UserMatt18 reached 2nd place in CreepyDash creator contest with CoreBreaker his first core themed level that has a sequel, RealistikCore. He has many epics and he was the first one to get it on his level Flock, collaboration with Underings.


  • He has been known to be hated by some players back in 1.9 because of copying some featured levels, just like Dimavikulov26 has been hated by some.
  • A lot of his levels are not featured because some of the songs he uses being banned.
  • He participated in the 1.9 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration The Ultimate Phase by Andromeda.
  • Usermatt18, DreamEater, Loogiah, LaZye, MrLorenzo, and Pennutoh are the only well-known creators in Italy.
  • He has mod status.

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