Level Information
Creator Inversion, MrSleepy, TheDevon, Mosertron, Megaman9, Pizzafire, Dysfunctional Popo, Benjamaster7, Krazyman50, Uzendayo, Viceroy, Alter, Hexhammer, and jdfr03 (Verified by Krazyman50)
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 25540324
Song Vigor
Composer Aeronmusic

Valor is a recent and very hard USA demon megacollab that was hosted by Megaman9 and verified by Krazyman50.


The level uses over 40,000 objects. It was in work in progress for almost a year because of moving object bugs until it was revived and finished a month before its verification. There are 3 User Coins in the level.


  • The level was going to be originally verified by one of the other members of the collab, Dysfunctional Popo. He had gotten 84% before handing it to Krazy.
  • At 10%, if the player goes through the gap between the spikes instead of the blue pads, than the player will crash, and a "NO" will appear.
  • At 41%, if the player crashes at the beginning of the Wave, than a word "RIP" will appear.
  • At the very last jump of the level, you will see "You did it...". If you die there, another blurb of text appears below it. It says "Or not...".
  • If you copy the level and go to the editor, you can see messages from the creators of the level. Most of them are related to the moving bug.
    • It is also shown that the moving bug occured 6 times in the making of the level.
  • There are going to be 2 sequels of the level: Mystic and Instinct; Mystic has been finished and is out now (verified by Endlevel).
  • The title of the level is inspired from the game Pokémon GO; one of the teams is called Team Valor, hence the name.


Geometry Dash - Valor Verified (Live)02:13

Geometry Dash - Valor Verified (Live)

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