Level Information
Creator TriAxis
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 8341059
Song Toxic Sewers
Composer Waterflame

Venom is a demon level created by TriAxis.


Venom is a demon level created by TriAxis. The level uses different styles that TriAxis mostly use in some of his levels. The level is an easy demon.


Venom begins as a fairly easy cube mode but there are some fakes and trolls can be found. The background slowly turns pink-coloured.

The next game mode is a hard ball mode, requires some memory, the level's colour scheme turns into green, the style is a retro-theme. As there are transitions such as 3DL. The player can see a triple speed portal at the top (was hidden prior to 2.0).

Then the next game mode is a difficult wave mode, the style of the level is somehow an Industrial-styled level. There are a few transition of sizes can be seen, as shown in the picture above.

The next game mode is a brief cube mode, then followed by a hard ship mode. The colour scheme will change into green again. After that, the next game mode is an another brief cube mode, then follow up by a slow but fairly hard wave mode.

The game mode will turn into a brief auto cube mode, after the auto mode, the player will meet 3 gravity portals with a yellow jump ring, the player must click the first and second jump ring with timing, but they must not click the third jump ring as it will lead to a dead end.

The player will meet a slow portal along with 3 blue jump pad, then followed up by a moderately hard UFO mode. The colour scheme will turn into blue/turquoise which closely resembles the UFO part of Forsaken Neon. There is a brief cube mode in the end before into the next game mode, the collar scheme of this part is violet.

The next game mode is one of the hardest part of the level, a mixed dual of ship and cube and a mixed dual of ship and UFO mode, the colour scheme is gray and black then, followed up by a ball mode, which is hard due to the constant flakes.

The next game mode is the cube, exactly similar to the first cube, which is because of the due to the amount of fakes and trolls too, then the player will meet a gravity portals.

The final game mode is a slow speed wave mode, there are am somehowly resembles a "bubble" that pops with a sharp animation it must be dodged too, there are some slabs-like objects that required to be dodged in the wave part.

Then after that, the level ends with a "GG" with an emoticon. (;D)


  • Venom is one of TriAxis' 4 demon levels in-game, the other 3 are X, Dear Nostalgists, and The Mechanism.
  • In TriAxis' game-play video for Venom, the level has a cut at 0:44 (proven in the description), because of it, many players started to accuse him of hacking which ultimately caused TriAxis to become depressed.
  • Each sequence of the level has a different level styles including Retro, Sunset, Industrial, Effect, etc.
  • Although the level is classified long, its actually medium length (58 seconds).


Geometry Dash - Venom (Easy Demon) - by TriAxis

Geometry Dash - Venom (Easy Demon) - by TriAxis

Credits to Zobros