Profile pic 5
Country United States
Age 15
Levels 6
Other Info
Crew TeamGammaDash
Position Co-Leader
YouTube Channel [1]

Vic21102 is a somewhat known player with decent levels. His stats as of January 29th, 2017 are 3612 stars, 705 diamonds, 104 secret coins, 275 user coins, and 43 demons. On June 28th, 2016, he quit Geometry Dash due to being bored and some other reasons, even though he returned on November 28th, 2016. He quit for the second time on April 8, 2017.

He has a somewhat known YouTube channel with about 250 subscribers and about 43,000 video views. He does a good mix of things such as: his own levels, online levels, and sometimes demons, he also did top 10 songs, top 10 easiest demons, and top 10 hardest possible levels. He uses the Geometry Dash Fan Wikia.



  • Vic21102 started playing Geometry Dash in late 1.8.
  • He builds his own style of levels, which he created.

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