Country Gjøvik, Norway
Age 15
Levels 123 (All Starred)
Other Info
Crew GS
Position 2119 (Global), 1 (Creators)
YouTube Channel [1]

ViPriN is a popular Geometry Dash user from Gjøvik, Norway. He is very well-known for creating levels. In fact, because he creates a lot of user levels, he often collaborates with other users, like Etzer, Minesap, and Glittershroom. Currently, he is ranked #1 on the creators leaderboard, with 254 creator points.


  • Demon Levels
    • Radioactive (collab with Hinds)
    • Ultraviolet (mega-collab with 9 creators)
    • Despair
    • Viper
    • Intercept
    • Soulwind (collab with Nox)
    • Jawbreaker (collab with TriAxis)
    • Tuxedo (collab with Minesap)
    • Golden Haze (collab with Nox)
    • Eternity (collab with Minesap)
    • 48155 (collab with Codex)
    • Fallen Dynasty (collab with Etzer)
    • Blade Dance (collab with Minesap)
    • Regret
    • Arachnid Temple (collab with Serponge)
    • Cosmic Journey
    • Accelerando
    • Abyssal Ruins
    • Nocturne
    • Duet
    • Chaotic Wires
    • Electric Flare
    • Velodrome
    • Forte
    • Fortissimo
    • Ultimato
    • Divisi
    • ClubNeon
    • Artificial Ascent (Megacollab with 17 people, Verified by Combined)
    • Hypersonic (Megacollab with 12 people, Verified by Combined)
    • Iridescent
    • Subsonic (Megacollab with 11 people, Verified by Combined)
    • Digital Descent (Megacollab with 18 people, Verified by Combined)
  • Normal Levels
    • Hard
      • Galaxium (collab with ASonicMen)
      • Toaster Coaster (collab with Glittershroom)
      • Dynasty (collab with Liebz)
      • Around the World (collab with Glittershroom)
      • Glittery Shores (collab with Glittershroom)
      • Eternal Eclipse (collab with Toxic)
      • Allure (collab with Etzer)
      • Freedom
      • Elevatia
      • Space Pirates (collab with Noriega)
      • Solar Rain (collab with CreatorJR)
      • Hypnophobia (collab with Glittershroom)
      • Clouds
      • Exodus
      • Cadenza
      • Ignite
    • Harder
      • Beginning of Time
      • Infertehno (collab with ZenthicAlpha)
      • Cosmic Dreamer (collab with Minesap)
      • Bliss (collab with Minesap)
      • Unity (collab with Crack)
      • Octagon Force
      • Number Five
      • Skittles (collab with HaoN)
      • End of Time (collab with xcy7)
      • Gradient
      • AfterDynamix (collab with xCrack)
      • Impulse (collab with Glittershroom)
      • Falcon Punch
      • Infiltrate
      • Valiant
      • Center of Existence
      • Invaders (collab with Findexi)
      • Uprise
      • Into Twilight (collab with ASonicMen)
      • Laserstar
      • Zaphkiel
      • ShockWave
      • Time Jumper
      • Stereo Future
      • Lento
      • Maestro
      • Neon on Track
      • Magnifico
      • Evolution
      • Leggiero
      • xNeon
      • Epilogue
      • Overture
      • Largo
      • New Era
      • Pianissimo
      • Etude
      • Naturale
      • Da Capo
      • Virtuoso
      • Notturno
      • Interlude
      • Lacrimoso
      • Ostinato
    • Insane
      • Luminoso
      • Three Step (collab with Findeksi)
      • Encore
      • AfterForce (collab with Skitten)
      • Robotic Nightmares (collab with Glittershroom)
      • Nexus
      • Level Up (collab with Findexi)
      • New Energy
      • Star Jumper (collab with Etzer)
      • AfterProcess (collab with Waze)
      • Flaklypa (collab with DemonMKer)
      • Ricochet Love (collab with Glittershroom)
      • Incursio
      • Astral Zero
      • Haywire
      • Adagio
      • Magico
      • Presto
      • Devoto
      • Maestoso
      • Modesto
      • Legato
      • Dolce
      • Elegy


  • He is known for making CC's, or a Creator Contests.
  • He is currently the top creator on the Creator Leaderboard with 254 creator points.
  • He often participates in certain mega collaborations like, Supersonic, Ultrasonic, Artificial Ascent, Hypersonic, Subsonic, and The Ultimate Phase.
  • All of his levels are star rated.
  • He published a video about the kinds of levels he dislikes. These include free demons, impossible levels, Nine Circles Levels, If X was Level 1, and Flappy Bird levels (a popular trend from 1.5 to early 1.9).
  • He is the one who decorated Riot's version of Sonic Wave, titled Sonic Wave Infinity.
  • He participated in the Yatagarasu mega-collab.
  • He was a former owner of the Geometry Dash Forum, and presumably demoted due to inactivity in the past.
  • He recently switched from a 60hz monitor to a 144hz monitor, and has been beating a lot of demons lately.
  • He also recently posted a preview of his new extreme megacollab called Digital Descent. It aims to be the official sequel to Artificial Ascent.
    • It has been published and is as of 9/25/2017 #4 on the Demon List, just under Artificial Ascent.
  • On the first level of the fire gauntlet, Outer Space, at one point it says "Viprin is triggered"
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