Country Canada (Alberta)
Age 12
Levels 1 starred
Other Info
Crew GeoForge (Creator/Skilled),
Position None
YouTube Channel [1]

Visionary is a very skilled Geometry Dash creator and player from Canada. He is known for being a very skilled creator, both effects and design, and a good player, completing Lightwave, Cataclysm, The JanuS Miracle, and others, along with being humorous.


  • Visionary is one of the youngest known players in the game with a Creator Point, at age 12.
  • His only rated level, Retro Evolution, has over 24,000 downloads and 4,500 likes.
  • Visionary completed Lightwave and Cataclysm on the same day
  • Visionary took only 500 attempts to beat Lightwave.
  • He has low patience for demon levels, as he usually gives up on them after a far fail.
  • He resents ToshDeluxe, Aurorus, BHFusion, and Silent Levels.
  • Visionary is known for his bad puns and "Etzer-Like Screaming"
  • He is actually a partly suicidal person.
  • Some of Visionary's best GD friends/idols include Combined, Quasar, EndLevel, and Xaro.
  • Visionary's best level, Horizon Plaza (Demon), was completed by Visionary over 15 times before anyone else had completed it.
  • Visionary enjoys Quantum Physics, Calculus, and other advanced Math/Science.
  • Visionary has taken an extreme liking to Corgis, even naming his official group "Seven Corgis"
  • Visionary is one of the few people who is able to keep his icon. He has kept the "Nice Shot" Icon, with the same colours for over a year.
  • Visionary's favourite levels include Cataclysm, Artificial Ascent, Lightwave, and others.
  • Visionary finds it hard to beat Easy Demons as it is quite irritating when he fails far.

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