Country South Korea
Age 18
Levels 59 (17 Starred)
Other Info
Crew Team N2
Position 1933
YouTube Channel [1]

WOOGI1411 (Formerly GW WOOGI1411) is a popular and skilled South Korean Geometry Dash player and level creator. He is known for making very difficult levels, including the popular level Windy Landscape, as well as his distinct creation style.

Some of the most difficult levels in Geometry Dash, such as Sequence, Colorful Overnight and Retention, are by WOOGI. He has also participated in many different mega-collaborations such as Phobos, The Hell Factory, A Bizarre Phantasm, and Yatagarasu.



  1. On WOOGI1411's YouTube channel, all of his videos are "People & Blogs", and not in the "Gaming" category. This is likely a joke or he doesn't pay attention to the categories.
  2. Some of his levels are just "layouts", or plain levels made from simple obstacles but quite challenging.
  3. Cyclic tends to put the tag "#RespectWOOGI" in the videos of his levels made by WOOGI. WOOGI, in return, tends to comment the tag "#RespectCyclic".
  4. WOOGI1411 wrote an apology stating that he will be in college and will quit Geometry Dash.
  5. Many of his flagship levels' descriptions contain exaggerated exclamations such as "my new hardest level" or "my best level yet", often followed by an overuse of punctuation.