Country South Korea
Age 14
Levels 37 (1 starred)
Other Info
Crew Interstellar Geometricians, Geometry Legends, GeoRevolution, GeoForge
Position None
YouTube Channel [1]

Galant0 (formerly Wayld02 and is called GD Wayld on YouTube) is a Geometry Dash player and Geometry Dash Fan Wikia user.

He is the creator of Byte System, an insane-rated level and his first featured level.

He has currently 2000+ stars collected, 70+ demon levels beaten, and 105 secret coins found.


Levels (Old Account):

  • Byte System - his first featured level. Rated Insane 8 stars.
  • Red Inferno - His unrated hard level, currently rated Insane.
  • Ultra Ego Death - a Ultra Nine Circles remake. Currently unrated.
  • Mysterious Dimension - a simplistic level dedicated to all Geometry Dash players and creators.

Levels (New Account):

  • -leafwood forest- - A sunset-styled level, was re-uploaded later.

Upcoming Levels:

  • Cyber Warfare - A mega-collaboration with Ellixium, Defiant, Cubix06, Pennutoh, FlyingDutchm3n, Jobet, Mistah J, and many more. The level's difficulty is set to an extreme demon, uses the song Betrayal of Fear by Goukisan.
  • Cosmic Collision - a level which uses Giron's style in creating, uses the song The Cosmos by MafiaPineapple.
  • Cyber Room - a possible collab with Pennutoh


  • His real name is Ha Yun.
  • He has a YouTube channel but rarely uploads videos but, was active on the comments of other people's YouTube Channel.

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