Level Information
Creator BlassCFB, Marpha, Mero, and Nifecap (Verified by BlassCFB)
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 22183448
Song Fracture

Composer Rukkus

WcropoliX is an extremely hard, yet unrated 2.0 collaboration created by BlassCFB (who also verified it), Marpha and Mero. It is mostly known for its extremely hard timings and extremely tight ship and wave sequences.


The level consists of insanely hard timings and ridiculously difficult straight fly sections. It requires intense wave timing where the player has to squeeze into ridiculously tight spaces.


The first part consists of a cube and wave section where you have to fly through a two-block space and avoid the spikes. Then the level transcends to a mini wave section where you have to time the jumps carefully to squeeze in through the narrow block spaces. Then the level continues to a ship, UFO, and wave section where you have to straight fly, time the jumps, and straight wave respectively.


  • This level is made after Wcropolis, a Acropolis remake by KeyBladeMaster and was named like how SoulsTRK made AcropoliX, a super-buffed version of Acropolis.
  • This level is sometimes considered the first level created that was harder than Bloodbath. But some people, like EndLevel, instead think that it is easier than Bloodbath.

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