Windswept Prospect
Level Information
Creator Bryan1150
Difficulty Insane Insane (Demon Requested, not yet rated)
Stars 0 Star
Level ID 26046240
Song Windfall
Composer TheFatRat

Windswept Prospect is a long and hard demon level created by Bryan1150, the creator of both Rebellion and Obscurum. Like the levels' predecessors, this level is a mashup of WOOGI1411's levels. The level's difficulty was Demon-requested, but as of now it is Insane with no stars.

Gameplay Edit

Windswept Prospect is composed of 10 of WOOGI1411's demon levels (many of which are collabs with other creators), and an unreleased collaboration between Bryan1150 and WOOGI1411, titled "Hate Everything."

The level is arguably the hardest out of Bryan's mixes, but could also be named as the buggiest. Many asymmetrical and hard duals are incorporated into the gameplay, as well as tough timing sections.

In order, the levels mixed are as follows:

  1. Melody of the Violins
  2. Colorful Overnight
  3. Asymmetry
  4. Retention
  5. Windy Landscape
  6. Transonic
  7. Sequence
  8. Endorphin
  9. Complex
  10. Pentakill
  11. Hate Everything

The transitions of different levels to the next are timed with the music.

At the end, a credits sequence is shown with the creator giving thanks to his supporters, ending off with the "Windswept Prospect by Bryan1150" in large text.

User Coins Edit

There are no user coins found in the actual gameplays, but three invisible, separate user coins can be collected by the player in the credits sequence.

Trivia Edit

  • This level itself has a length of 1 minutes and 56 seconds long, but the credits make it 2 minutes and 10 seconds long - giving it its XL length.
  • This level was originally going to be verified by Smokes, but was later verified in late October 2016 by bluecap67.
  • Through 33% of the level, a text is briefly shown with the words, "For You Guitar <3"
  • The level's name, Windswept Prospect, is a reference to the name of WOOGI1411's most popular Demon level, Windy Landscape, and uses the same song (but the second drop was used in contrast to the original).
  • Bryan1150 announced that the next mix he will do will be "Anarchy", which is a mix of FunnyGame's 2.0 levels and sequel to Rebellion.
  • Krazyman50 has created a mashup of all the level songs included in this mix, along with mashups for Rebellion and Obscurum.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash - Windswept Prospect by Bryan1150 Complete + 3 Coins (Live)

Geometry Dash - Windswept Prospect by Bryan1150 Complete + 3 Coins (Live)

Gameplay by Krazyman50