IMG 0777
Level Information
Creator Team Fractated
Difficulty N/A
Stars N/A
Level ID N/A
Song Hexennacht ~P~
Composer Phyrnna

Witchcraft is an unfinished demon level created by Team Fractated. It will be an Easy-Medium Demon when finished and rated.

Gameplay Edit

StopStart: A simple timing cube, with some memorisation. If you know what you are doing, it is very easy.

CreatorMagcargo: A difficult double speed part. The sequence goes UFO, Ball, Wave, Ship.

MrFreckles: A blue-themed segment at triple speed, with a few hard jump ring and wave timings.

DangerDude: A medium-difficulty cube part. A pinwheel can be seen in the background.

AadstaPinwheel: A multi-style cube section. You can get a coin by jumping over the last jump pad.

Trivia Edit

  • CreatorMagcargo's part was decorated by MrFreckles.
  • This is Team Fractated's first map.
  • This level is dedicated to KerteX.