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Level Information
Creator Jakerz, set to be verified by BoldStep
Difficulty TBA (Hopefully Extreme Demon)
Stars TBA (Hopefully 10*)
Level ID TBA
Song Run Boy Run (Instrumental)
Composer Woodkid

Woodkid is an upcoming 2.1 Extreme Demon created by Jakerz and set to be verified by BoldStep, after EndLevel dropped the project from his return. It utilizes a black and white theme and contains difficult game-play as well as artwork in the background of the level, depicting two demons, a tiger, a spinning object, and a horse. According to EndLevel, the level has over 200,000 objects, falling just short of Glowy, which has 270,000.


  • Woodkid gained popularity after DollarC and Jakerz showcased the level.
  • Jakerz has released the final preview for Woodkid, meaning Jakerz will finish the level soon.
  • EndLevel had stated that his main priority is verifying Woodkid, but gave the project to BoldStep so he could work on verifying Renevant.
  • Many people compare Woodkid to God Eater due to their godlike themes, decoration, and gameplay.
  • Due to the original song being copyrighted, Jakerz will have to find a replacement song once Woodkid is verified by BoldStep.
  • BoldStep released a redecorated preview of Woodkid on March 6th, 2018.[1]
  • Jakerz recently claimed he finished decorating Woodkid and is simply waiting for the verification.


Woodkid by Jakerz (Montaje) Upcoming Extreme Demon

Woodkid by Jakerz (Montaje) Upcoming Extreme Demon

Credits to Xumoz. A full 100% walkthrough of Woodkid. Note that this montage uses cuts.