Leader AbstractDark
Number of Members 85
Levels 0
Other Info
Date of Foundation October 2015?
YouTube Channel [1]
X-League is a rather new Geometry Dash clan that compromises of very skilled GD creators. Their goal is to unite such creators and take care of the Geometry Dash community.


X-League"'s secondary name is "Xylan League".


Leader: AbstractDark

Moderators: Edge, HDanke, G4lvatron, Hyperflame

Members: Atlas, Dark, IIrell, KowZ, MisterM, NeKho, Serponge, Tronzeki, DarkBoshy, Andro3d, Cubix, Desticy, Echonox, Ekko, Emit, EnjoyGame, Findexi, FreeZor, UserMatt, Gibbon, Goose, Herzilo, iEdwin, Jayuff, Maboflo, MaxK, MrLorenzo, Olympic, Pineapple, PsyCheDeLia, Reflux, Shocksidian, StarShip, Thomartin, VirtualCrack, Quiken, Defiant, Lugunium, TamaN, Zyzyx, Twoots, Gohan, Zak-Senpai, Samoht, Reduse, Erdyuri, Verticallity, Skitten, Yume, Optical, Juliavanse Team

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