Country Austria
Age 18
Levels 20 (16 Starred)
Other Info
Crew GS
Position 33 375 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]

Xaro is a popular Austrian player and creator mainly known for creating the Toxin Lab Series and other levels with decent decorations and good gameplay.


Demon Levels

  • CandleLight
  • XaroStep V3
  • The Prison (A collaboration with Mazl)
  • Dark Heaven (A collaboration with Loserchick67)
  • Toxin Lab II (The second level in the series, rated an Easy Demon)
  • Toxin Lab III (The third level in the series, rated a Hard Demon)
  • Toxin Lab IV (The fourth and possibly final level in the series, rated a Hard Demon)
  • Deadly Impact (remake of Toxin Lab II, a comeback level of FunnyGame)

Other Rated Levels

  • Colorful Galaxy
  • Toxin Lab (the first level in the Toxin Lab series, using fairly good decorations for a 1.9 level.)
  • Uplink
  • Operation Exodus
  • Thunder
  • Inferno
  • XaroStep V2 (A memory demon. Uses the song Firepower by DrPhonics)
  • DayDream
  • Second Theory (an auto level)

Unrated Levels

  • Auto Cataclysm
  • Robotic Nightmares
  • XaroStep
  • Electro Dungeon


  • On January 1st, 2016, he got a message from FunnyGame on Geometry Dash requesting to make a Toxin Lab II remake.
  • On July 14th 2016, he got a moderator ability from RobTop, which allowed him to send and suggest difficulty ratings to RobTop himself.
  • He participated in several famous megacollabs such as Fusion Z and Bloodlust.

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