Country Finland
Age 18
Levels 51 (30 Starred)
Other Info
Crew GS
Position 25
YouTube Channel [1]

Xcy7 (known as Xcy-7 on youtube) is a 18 year old Finnish Geometry Dash creator. His most famous level is Morph Ray, which has 370,000 downloads. He has also appeared in many well known collabs, such as Yatagarasu, Betrayal of Fate, the Sonic series and formerly Fusion Z before being replaced for unknown reasons.



  • Antimatter
  • Stereo Darkness, an easy dark styled level with little to no decoration, much like Stereo Madness


  • Cyclotron
  • Easy Clubstep, an easy clubstep copy, meant for those who wanted to experince clubsteps design without having to spend alot of attempts to beat it
  • Chronological Drift, the winner of Team Geometrified's first contest
  • Tech of Tomorrow, xcy7s first featured level
  • Atlas v2, a copy of Funnygames Atlas level.
  • Stereo Future, a remastered version of Stereo Madness
  • Adiabatic System, a collab with Superopi
  • Resonant Conduction, a level created as a sequel to Tech of Tomorrow


  • Imaginaerium, xcy7's first 1.9 level, half created in 1.8 thus not having a custom song.
  • Crystallizer, a w.i.p collab with waze that was ditched.
  • Robotic Nightmare, a level featuring dark background with a little bizarre color combinations like Red-Blue and Purple-Green.
  • The Fifth Dimension, a level featuring optical Illusions and simply shapes that couldnt exist in a concrete 3D space.
  • Fallout, a wasteland themed level, named by Crack.
  • Andromeda, a gray/lightblue level with only other color being yellow(for stars).
  • Transistor, a level featuring many complimentary color based sections, like lightgreen/pink and purple/yellow.
  • Nightsquad, might be xcy7's worst level to date.
  • Aftermath, first in the aftermath series, themed with detached robot parts and scrapped electronic parts.
  • Transit, xcy7's first demon level, an easy demon that took 3000 attempts more to beat than zStep by Neptune.
  • Celestial Dream, another really bad level by xcy7.
  • Congruent Cave, inspired by the end of Another World by Funnygame, this effect level that was created in 2h was for long xcy7's most famous level.
  • Forest of Illusion, created for Viprins Creator Contest, made in 2 days.
  • Monochrome Destiny, a gray/lightblue level.
  • The void, a darkgrey/purple level themed after a dark realm.
  • Luculentus, xcy7's first level with Geoplex music, a heavy inspiration was Darnoc's idea to have most decorations set to light background so when the backgound flashes all decorations go to a lighter version of that color, and turn to p-color when the bg goes black.
  • Positronic, made for Etzers contest.
  • The stardrive, xcy7's 2nd Geoplex level.
  • The skydrive, xcy7's 3rd Geoplex level, collab with JoarZ.
  • Lingering Imagery v2, v2 of Lingering Imagery by Gelt and Memor2ed, submission for Viprins 3rd Creator Contest.
  • Rainbow Run, a level with all decorations either set to p-color or lightbg, the four color channels were used with blending to create rainbows.
  • Aftermath II, 2nd in the aftermath series, created with the same theme but 1.9 + alot of creating experience made for a much better level. Many were saying they liked the first one more simply because of the song.
  • EricVanWilderman, a short fanmade level with 20,000 downloads, but based on the fact that theres no video of it nor is it featured in any video might mean that he hasnt even noticed that it exists.
  • Somnus, one of xcy7's favorite levels made by himself, was created when he should've slept. The word is latin and associated with sleep but he claims that was an accident.
  • Infiniprocessing, made with help from superopi, to create a "sumsar-ish" level.
  • Arc Flash, xcy7's 4th Geoplex level.
  • Ocean of Stars, xcy7's 5th Geoplex level.
  • Chronological Run, remastered version of Chronological Drift, won Noriega's contest.
  • Sabrepulse, biggest feature being duals where there is an auto cube part (meant for music sync) while the player only controls a ship or ufo.
  • The Horizon, xcy7's 6th Geoplex level.
  • Tenebrous Gateway, collab with Vermillion.
  • 2001 a space odyssey, themed after Ripplez levels, this level was dedicated to him.


  • Holostar City, xcy7's first 2.0 level, themed after a futuristic city and named after Holostar Studios(from ratched and clank).
  • The Darkness, xcy7's second demon, main feature being a "darkness" (a dark mist with monsters) following the player through the entire level.
  • Morph Ray, instead of having visible portals this level features colored lasors that would morph the player to the different gamemodes.
  • Atlantis, a submerged themed collab with Lumpy, made for Viprins 4th contest.
  • Infested Waters (named after a sweater he owns), this sewer themed level was inspired by Superopi. There was heavy critique on the bg song which is a dark ambient track with no real melody.
  • Xenobiology, xcy7's 7th Geoplex level.
  • Angelbeats, named after the anime Angelbeats! and placed 4th in Viprins 5th Contest. The background song is a DnB remix of Unjust Life, an OST from the anime. It had a 2 easter eggs; the SSS logo from the anime and the text "vittu perkele"(finnish and roughly translates to "fu*k the devil") at the end with 2 secret coins next to it.
  • Transistor II, remake of Transistor, made because the original level had a nice design/concept but couldve been executed better with 2.0 decorations and more creating experience. It has only 2 secret coins because he scrapped a part which contained a secret coin and forgot to add it elsewhere.
  • Great Wall, a level based of Donald Trump. It's design resembles Dear Nostalgists. It might be a joke level.

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