Country United States
Age 12
Levels 42 (1 starred)
Other Info
Crew GSW
Position Assistant leader
YouTube Channel Unknown

Xps1530 (known by the username of VegetarianBacon) is a North American player who started playing in 1.9. His only starred level is Sand and Water. He is one of YC99's best friends. Like YC99, he is also one of the users on the lookout for haters to stop. He is also one of the many unknown creators in the game.


  • Xps does not have a YouTube channel.
  • Xps does not do collabs.
  • Despite his username "VegetarianBacon", his signature at the end of his levels says "Vegetarian Bacon".


  • Auto Xps
  • Auto Jump
  • Level to Jeremy
  • Chaotic Crisis
  • Cool
  • xStep v2
  • Jump o Tron 2000
  • Electro Jumping
  • Rising Death
  • Popcorn Techno
  • Ultima Sakura
  • Can't Let Hard
  • Classy Canes
  • Sand and Water
  • Jazzy Saxes
  • Elegance
  • Plutation
  • ArcticGeist
  • Hibernation
  • Artifact Millenia
  • Tuxedo Factory

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