Zephyrs Madness
Level Information
Creator Zephyr
Difficulty Demon Demon
Stars Star 10
Level ID 1497471
Song Stereo Madness
Composer ForeverBound

Zephyrs Madness is a demon level created by Zephyr, a former top 100 player. The level is a remake of Stereo Madness and is generally considered as a hard demon.


Zephyrs Madness is named after the creator itself, which is a similar matter of naming a level used by other creators. This level features several objects that aren't seen in the original Stereo Madness, the first main level in-game.


Zephyrs Madness is simply just a modified/remake version of Stereo Madness, but it features more background/ground changes, thorns, gravity portal, object color changes, and size portal. The level is also filled with not just 2 triple spikes, but many more spikes.

The ship mode is insanely hard due to a wide opening with 2 spikes under or lower with a blue jump ring in the center or a gravity portals. And also its hard due to its extremely tight spaces and crucial timing, and triple spikes.


  • This is Zephyr's current demon in-game.
  • RobTop commented on the level, saying: "Y u so evil?" because of this. Many popular players and creators jumped into the comments section of the level.
    • RobTop's comment originally had more likes than this level.
  • The level was only rated rather than being featured due to the level using a copy of Stereo Madness as you can see a "C" mark (copy indicator, not to be confused with copyright, which is non-existent in Geometry Dash) in the right side of the creator's name.
  • This level was updated recently during Update 2.0.


Zephyrs Madness - By me -DEMON 10★- -HD60Fps-02:53

Zephyrs Madness - By me -DEMON 10★- -HD60Fps-

Credits to the creator himself, Zephyr (Note that this is the first version of the level.)

GeometryDash Demon - Zephyrs Madness By Zephyer02:06

GeometryDash Demon - Zephyrs Madness By Zephyer

Updated version. Credits to Ha Navi.

Geometry Dash -Demon- Zephyrs Madness by LostForever01:42

Geometry Dash -Demon- Zephyrs Madness by LostForever

Latest update. Credits to Atomic.

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