Country Germany
Age 14
Levels 19 (0 starred)
Other Info
Crew Team X


Position Unknown
YouTube Channel

Zexor (formerly known as DeltaXis or GDMew) is a German Geometry Dash player with Greek roots. He currently has no starred levels.

Known levels

  • Icebreaker (Norway 2016, failed to qualify)
  • Moment of Silence (Romania 2016, disqualified)
  • Holography (Unreleased 2.1 level) (named after the song)
  • Deadbeat (named after the song)
  • Loungegrade
  • In Too Deep (Serbia 2017, failed to qualify)


  • His level, called Moment of Silence, was made after forcing Romania to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 by the EBU.
  • There is a level called "Icebreaker," which is named after the Norwegian entry from the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.
  • He had 7 different names: JoinLoin, Mewtwo the Hero, GDMewtwo, DeltaXis, AquaShadow, Zexor and Timestorm.
  • He often announces his levels with some messages often with refrains from songs in the Eurovision Song Contest like "Take a moment of silence, i fight for the truth!" for Moment of Silence or "I'll be your icebreaker, when you stock in frozen water, frozen water" for Icebreaker. Something similar happened later again, as he written "Feeling your Heartbeat" (Latvia 2016), which turned into Deadbeat. The first level to be named after an entry from 2017 will be "In Too Deep".
    • All songs failed to qualify for the grand final.
  • He welcomes all persons with "Aloha", meaning "Hi" and "Bye" in Hawaiian, despite the fact that he actually hails from Germany.
  • He created a new account named "AquaShadow". The name was later changed into Zexor, and later to Timestorm, before returning to Zexor.
    • He quit the account "DeltaXis" after he lost his account password. Now, his name is Zexor.

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